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Douglas Hu is a USC ‘16 and Harvey Mudd ‘14 alum with a Master’s in Electrical Engineering. He has work experience with companies spanning several parts of industry, including PCB manufacturers in China, defense contractors in the US, entertainment technologies from Germany, and the largest telecommunications company in the world.

He is passionate about technology and how it can improve human connection and communication. Part of it involves working hands-on with connected devices that enable widespread communication, and part of it involves communicating technical expertise to a wide audience. That passion is what led him to place 2nd in AT&T’s company-wide IoT hackathon and win audience favorite in IET’s Present Around the World competition.

He is also passionate about education and giving back. He volunteers weekly for the Girls Who Code organization, guiding middle and high school students as they explore engineering and computer science. He also mentors undergraduate students with capstone projects and plans company outreach events on campus.

Douglas is serious about both his work and his impact. With his broad technical experience, attention for detail, and hunger to improve, he would make a good contribution to any team, whether it be technical writing, test automation, or software development.